How to Maintain Clean Well Water That Supports Healthy Nutrition – Nutrition Magazine

These minerals can be found in water supply and also on the surface of runoff generated by nearby land uses like parks and golf courses. They may also need be treated prior to being employed as irrigation.

If the water you drink was previously contaminated with the above contaminants, it is more advisable to not use this water to irrigate crops that would be consumed. It is due to the fact that contaminants from contaminated water can be transferred to products in your food, which could produce illnesses in the event of consumption.

Consult the professionals if you’re unsure if your well has been contaminated. These include plumbers, well drillers along with installers of water softeners.

Cover Outside Wells

A further important step to ensure pure water in the well is to make sure that the well is always closed whenever it is not being used. The best way to accomplish this is with either a cap that seals the well or a lid made of rodent-proof material.

The well cap protects the hole in ground that is being dug for the well. Well caps are available in many varieties, but each have one thing in common: they stop creatures, dirt and insects from getting inside, which might contaminate water from your well.

One alternative to a cap is rodent-proof lids, and these products can either be wooden lids or plastic lids.

Keep Toxic Materials Away From the Well

When you’re performing the well maintenance and keeping pollutants away with well lids it is important that you make sure that you keep the area around the well free from possible dirt and toxins as well.

They are recognized as harmful substances that can be absorbed into the soil. This can cause drinking water from wells to become unsafe for use.

To ensure that harmful substances stay away from your well the best option is to store household hazardous waste tightly well-sealed containers


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