What Happens at Your First Ortho Consultation? – News Health

An orthodontic consult is a good alternative to speak with an orthopedist. They’ll be able to help you find and fix the root of your pain. The following is what you should expect during the first time you appointment.

An orthodontist first needs to have you complete paperwork regarding the medical and dental history of yours. Then, they will look over the information about your teeth and determine what date you last visited dental professionals and whether you received x-rays, among many other information. The general health history of your family is also taken into consideration by your orthodontist prior to taking any determinations. Consultation with your orthodontist continues after an examination of your mouth and x-ray assessment.

An oral examination helps the orthodontist spot other issues which may not be found in your files. After reviewing your medical records and looking over them, they’ll develop an initial treatment plan , which will inform the patient what to be expecting from the treatments they will receive. There will be ample time with your dentist to discuss your concerns and ask any questions you may have. If there aren’t any or other dental concerns that require urgent treatment, the next step is to schedule the first appointment for treatment. 8j9ph4gylf.

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