Maintenance Tips for Commercial Trucks – Car Talk Podcast

The large repairs that can cost a lot of money and are difficult to afford, are something every car owner would prefer to avoid. Even for a regular car, repairs can easily cost more than $1,000. But you should think about repairs for commercial trucks. With more than 10,000 pounds of cargo to take in nobody wants to get into one of the trucks which need to be repaired.

In this video commercial driver, explains various tips for commercial truck drivers on how to keep their truck and avoid costly repairs. Obviously, after a long time, both cars and trucks will require maintenance, however, following these maintenance tips will prolong its life.

A good tip is to know what the level of inflation is for the tires. In light of the car’s weight, it is important to keep an eye on the tire pressure to ensure that all tires are equal. The summer is particularly hot, and the tire with a lower inflation could cause it to deflate more quickly, placing the driver and others traveling on the roads at risk.

This video is for people who have just begun their journey with commercial vehicle driving. You can do yourself and other people a favor by taking care of your vehicle to avoid incidents. The following ten steps will ensure your success on the job of a commercial driver too!


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