How to Replace a Sewer Line – Melrose Painting

In order to replace the main sewer line inside our house will require a couple of steps. It is first necessary to make into a trench. Use a level to make sure that it’s level with the direction that the sewer line will enter. If it’s notlevel, then back-ups could occur. It is sometimes an excellent idea to dig your ditch a little deeper than you think because you will have extra room. After that, you’ll have to pick your pipe by filling it with dirt. For the remainder of this work, you’ll need PVC pipe. It requires a 3-inch or 4 inch scheduled 40 PVC pipe. You can purchase it at Lowes and Home Depot. The cost will differ based on the shop for home improvement you stop by. You will also need an adapter to connect to the PVC pipe onto the sewerpipe. Also, a reducer is required to connect the angles. When dealing with water flow angle is crucial. There is a wealth of information regarding sewer line replacement. If you are looking to learn more about this watch this video to learn more. 4on1leu181.

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