How to Turn Your Garage Into a Temporary Party Room for Special Events – Dt W News

If you are renting a bar, it is. Many companies require they purchase a liquor liability policy before they serve drinks at the event. It will provide coverage if anyone is injured by alcohol in your celebration.
Prepare a Dance Floor

The perfect party will have a dance floor! Set up space to allow DJs or live entertainment to play at your event. The option is to either lease a professional dance floor or turn your garage into one by adding the following elements. Then, set up your own floor in the beginning by measuring the size of the space before covering it in the epoxy or the plywood. You should also add small amount of lighting and sound systems for a great atmosphere.

As you’re doing this make sure that you check the garage’s electrical system is functioning by contacting a qualified electrician. An electrician who is certified will assist you with any lighting or sound equipment requirements you may need.

Check to see if you have plumbing

If you’re going to serve refreshments or food for your event, be sure to be sure the garage is able to supply water. There are many sinks that come with a quick-connect pipe that lets you hook to the water supply. This will allow you to clean dishes, fill up glasses and clean up throughout the evening. You can always rent the sink in a portable unit or put up a drinks cooler in your garage if it doesn’t have running water. If you’re searching for ways to turn your garage into a social place, as well as to make it more practical and efficient, installing a functional plumbing can be a great alternative.

Rent Party Furniture

There will be tables and chairs to serve food and beverages at your gathering. You can rent these items at a company that rents out party rentals or get them borrowed from the family or friends. It is important to prepare to reserve them prior to the time. You will be able to save money and have the assurance that renting is more affordable than purchasing.


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