SSDI Claims in Review –

It is the fact that it exists. But, occasionally there are times when an SSDI claim can be in examination even after it was accepted. An Social Security Disability attorney helps break down why this can take place.

Social Security administration conducts regular review to be sure that each SSDI claim is relevant. Your case will be reviewed for confirmation that you’re disabled. The use of a new treatment or medicine might make you more fit to work again.

Social Security will check in by sending out questionnaires later on to determine which doctor they’re seeing, if the conditions have improved or worsened, whether you’re finding work and so on. The process can take place after one, three, and seven years.

Go over your award letter that you received when you received your SSDI application was granted. Work with an SSDI attorney to look over other documents which will outline the frequency at which Social Security will check on the status of your SSDI claim.

This video provides further details about SSDI benefits as well as review of cases.


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