Rug Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners – Free Pet Magazine

They can take away tension and show unconditional affection. The responsibility to care for your pet can mean that it is necessary to wash up when it’s gone. Simple steps like these can help you get rid of urine from pets on your rug.
Pet owners often face difficulties when their pet leaves behind nasty footprints and stains on carpets. There are simple, but powerful ways to remove pet urine from carpets and rugs. Carpet cleaning is possible by using the correct tools and cleaning supplies.
Spray the surface with massive amounts of urine remover and let the fluid seep throughout the fabric of the rug or carpet. This eliminates bacteria in carpet fibers that produce a foul stink. Use a dull, metal spoon to scrub and massage the stained areas. Place a book or folded towel onto the stain. After a while, urine will absorb into the towels and make the carpet shine clean. Repeat the process until you get the most effective results. gd4y1nn9pw.

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