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roblems. Sandblasting is an effective method to clean your appliances, and prevent costly repairs. The video below will outline the basics and show you how to use it.

To begin, you need an appropriate equipment. An affordable online sandblaster is accessible. To prevent the material from being breathed in, you should wear earplugs, safety glasses as well as gloves. Sandblasters use baking soda and sand. Sand is more aggressive and is used to blast metal. Baking soda can be used on the most fragile plastic parts.

Sandblasting can be utilized on all materials that have corrosion damage caused by rust or dirt. If your parts are delicate it is recommended to utilize baking soda instead of using sand. It will help protect the parts from harm, but will take more time due to the fact that baking soda is soft. To clean up parts better, make use of WD-40 as well as steel wool.

Make sure to be patient to give your appliance an extensive clean. In order to ensure that your paint lasts longer, use a sandblaster to clean any plastic or metal item. For more information look up this video above.


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