How to Prepare for RV Storage – Custom Wheels Direct

If you have an RV intended to be used for travelling, there’s likely to come a time where it is required to be stored. There are some important points to consider when deciding how to prepare your RV for storage. In this article we’ll examine some useful tips to help you store your RV.

While you’re getting your RV prepared to store the items it will need, the first thing to do is clean its interior and exterior. When you’re cleaning, you are able to inspect your RV for any cracks in the exterior. It is essential to check the RV for any cracks on the exterior.

A crucial thing to keep in mind is that you must store your RV indoors or under any other type of covering. This will shield your RV from weather elements even when away from it.

The final tip concerns the tires. It is important to ensure that you have inflated your tires in the correct way before you store them away. The correct pressure for your tires in the user instruction manual. Once the tires have been inflated, they should be placed on a block that can keep them in place. It’s essential that the RV doesn’t move through the storage.


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