40 Seconds and 6 Flipped Semis Later Todays Entertainment News

As a result, gusts of wind have been reported to smash down power lines as well as trees. These can lead to a myriad of issues such as closed roads or power interruptions. There are times when a tree strikes the house and causes death or injury. It is important to never undervalue the power of nature.

Derechos are strong wind that is moving along a line. They can reach well over 100 miles per hour. The result is a great deal of damage to straight lines. This can be especially hazardous for semi-trucks. Semi-trucks are quite easy that can be turned over as the trailer is huge and flat. This gives a large land for the wind to press against. This is precisely what took place in the video.

There are strong winds that take one semi truck and then another. Some of the trucks lay unmoving along the edge of the road. Some of them were parked on the center of the road, which caused traffic to back-up. This will take a significant amount of time as well as tow trucks. In spite of these semis with tipped edges, nobody sustained more than minor damage. This is what really matters.


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