Understanding How LiDAR Technology Works – Technology Magazine

You use it to measure. LiDAR technology uses these lasers to measure out the structure of any kind, regardless of whether it may be natural or made by humans. Let’s take a look at a handful of the key components involved in the process.

First, LiDAR can also be employed by planes. Aircrafts utilize the laser to analyze the space in the air as they fly over it. It’s an effective method of collecting details.

GPS receivers form the second step in this process, which is crucial to tracking where the airplane is. The GPS assists in figuring out the location of LiDAR systems is analyzing in the ground.

This video will show the way in which an IMU or inertial measuring device is used to determine the tilt or face of an object. LiDAR uses this information in order to measure accurately different elevations from the ground below.

The last component of the LiDAR system is that it is a part with a computer. The LiDAR device, like anything else, relies on computers to track its results.

LiDAR is an extremely intriguing technology that helps define a large portion of the jobs we perform in the present.


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