10 Problems with Your AC – Home Improvement Videos


The most frequent problem with condenser units is a bad capacitor. Sometimes the capacitor can bulge on top and even drop off. This can be caused with the passage of time, or due to a dirty filter or condenser.
The second most common issue is one that is low on refrigerant. If some is missing it means that there has to be a leak somewhere. An unplugged condensate drain could be the third issue. The leaking of water from all directions could signal this issue. A bad control board could be the next issue. Bad control boards can result in a myriad of problems. A problem could arise because of a defective fan motor or condenser. It will begin to spin but it will not be produce a large amount of steam. A burnt out blower motor can cause a burnt electrical smell. A compressor could also become electrically shorted and connected to the ground. There are many other potential issues such as filthy furnace filters and a damaged AC breaker, and unclean condenser tubes. There are numerous issues that can arise with ACs.

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