What do Respiratory Therapists Do? – Discovery Videos

Nebraska Medicine Nebraska Medical Center analyzes the work of respiratory therapists.

Workers in respiratory therapy jobs can help patients breathe more easily. They may give nebulizer machines for those suffering from asthma, or they may intubate a patient to allow them to be assured of anesthesia when they undergo surgical procedures. Before and after each use it is checked that the equipment is in good condition. They may give lung expansion therapy to treat the air sacs of the lungs that have collapsed during surgery, disease, or injury. They are able to help identify breathing difficulties. Operating theatres, hospitals’ day rounds or physical therapy are all areas where you’ll be able to work as a respiratory therapy therapist.

A significant portion that a respiratory therapist’s day is keeping up with all the equipment required for the job. You can find something new to be doing every single day. Keep learning new things every day.

Respiratory therapists must be able to complete at minimum two year of study at an accredited college. To be eligible for employment they must take certification examinations. You can also earn four-year or master’s programs offered in this specializations. c7dbn9lcut.

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