How to Prepare Your Storm Shelter for Tornado Season – Diy Index

It’s crucial to assure your residence has a tornado shelter. It’s also important to ensure that the shelter is properly prepared. Below are some guidelines that will help ensure the shelter is adequately prepared for storms.
A shortwave or some other radio gadget is one of the very first things you buy. This will allow you to communicate with others and receive news about weather forecasts. When you know what’s going out in the open, you’ll make better-informed decisions regarding whether it’s safe enough to leave your house or not.
You will also need a can opener and food items that are not perishable. Additionally, you’ll require ample blankets and pillows. Also, you should include essential items for your personal hygiene needs in the storm shelter. The extra clothing makes sure that you’re warm and comfortable clothes on hand in case something happens to what you’re wearing. You should feel fine in the event that you’re well-nourished and comfortable.

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