Finding a Mobile Dentist or Dental Office – Dental Hygiene Association

These bacteria eat any food particles you have left in your mouth following eat. Plaque develops when bacteria multiply. Plaque causes bad breath, cavity as well as, ultimately, decayed teeth. Gum disease is also due to plaque.

The importance of cleaning your teeth can’t be understated. Plaque can be prevented by regularly brushing. Since flosses are not able to get between your teeth, flossing is essential at least every each day.

Professional cleaning is the only way to ensure your teeth are clean enough to get rid of all plaque. It’s best to get an appointment for a professional clean and the check-up. It can be done to set up appointments only for dental cleaning.

The process of cleaning your teeth takes between thirty and 60 minutes. Not only will your teeth be cleansed, but also the gums. Either a dentist or a dental hygienist performs the process. Your teeth will be examined by a dental hygienist followed by a clean scraping. This usually happens under the gumline to rid your gums of pockets of plaque. The fluoride toothpaste then used to polish your teeth.

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