What Is Lidar Technology? – MOR Tech

What do all these seemingly unrelated activities happen in common? They rely on Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) tech. If you’re wondering what is lidar tech, this really is your reply.

According to a current video from Geospatial World, LiDAR is a remote sensing system that using lasers to quantify elevation by sending out a pulse of lighting and measures just how long it can take for the pulse to return towards the detector. It’s just a technology very similar to SONAR, which uses sound waves instead to find matters.

LiDAR technologies can be utilised to collect data from earth, aircraft satellite or satellite and allows us to quantify both normal and manmade surroundings, precision, and flexibility.

You will find three Principal types of LiDAR technologies:

Topographic LiDAR: Maps the earth using infrared lighting.
Barometric LiDAR: Applications water entering green lighting to quantify seafloor and river bed elevation.
Terrestrial LiDAR: Maps buildings, natural features, and bushes in the earth level.

To learn more about LiDAR and the way that it performs, you can view the full video. zgdks12rw7.

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