How Did This Shingle Roof Withstand a Hurricane? – Family Tree Websites

reak havoc on homes, trees and everything else on their way. Roofs can be damaged due to intense winds and rainfall. Normally, this results in the roof getting ripped off by shingle, until it’s in the state of being in complete disarray. However, the most reliable roofing companies have some methods of protecting your roof from extreme storms and heavy rain. In this video, we will demonstrate the methods they use to achieve this.

The footage begins with a roofer up on a roof. He explains that a hurricane is near and that he’s doing final preparations for a roof. It is planned to apply the spray of acrylic polymer completely cover the roof. The acrylic polymer spray will go through all the cracks of the roof and bond to them with super glue. It should hold the roof to its place, despite extreme conditions. It was tested, and proven to be reliable to protect roofs from wind speeds as high as 130 mph. The acrylic polymer coating works it’s magic, and the roof stays fully intact after the hurricane , with not even one shingle missing.


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