Marine Corps Badges Through the Years – The Art Museum

film or documentary, chances are you’ve seen the colorful and intricate patches that the members of the armed forces receive. These patches are given to the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, and the Marines all sport different badges with distinct importance and meanings. This video gives full details of all Marine patches issued to troops in active service beginning in World War 2 through the present.

This video focuses in on the symbolism of soldier patches, or shoulder patches. After they were authorized for the first times in 1943, they came to be more commonly known as “battleblazes”. There are thirty patches that have been recognized in the Marine Corps up til the current day. Each has different colors, graphics as well as meanings. For example, the 13th Marine Defence Battalion received the shoulder patch, which had colorful seahorses in the middle. Images like seahorses and swords can be found in a variety of patches, especially when they are associated with the Marine’s emphasis in sea combat. The majority of patches were issued because of your position within the Marine Corps, or your particular job or battalion.


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