Are Sterling Silver Hoops Good For Your Ears? – Culture Forum

Now, which types of metals that your ears are exposed to, and which ones you must avoid to the maximum. In the case of earrings, make sure to select quality over quantity. If you want to choose the sterling silver hoops or sterling earrings?

Materials or metals that aren’t of high-quality can cause irritation and then infection to your perforations. If you want your tattoo to last and remain healthy over the long-term You must read the package your jewelry arrives in , to ensure that you’re purchasing the best quality. Most people aren’t aware about the diverse types of materials and characteristics that jewelry comes with however, it’s not difficult to see that they’re crucial.

A lot of people are unaware the fact that sterling silver is far from the top choice of metal. It’s likely to discolor after exposure to air for a long duration. The skin where the silver touches, can be blue, and then discolored in the same way. The most important thing to avoid is sterling silver.


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