How Filling Out a Social Security Disability Application Can Help Your Finances If You Have Been Hurt – Family Budgeting

Social Security Disability benefits are accessible to individuals who have worked for a long time enough to accumulate a predetermined number of points. If the person who is applying meets these conditions, then the benefits is paid monthly.

People who are unable to be employed may be eligible for Social Security benefits if they meet certain requirements. The primary requirement is that applicants must be suffering from a debilitating illness that will remain for at minimum one year. Your doctor is able to confirm this information. An applicant must also not be able to find a lucrative employment or hold a full-time job. One may not be considered for this program when they can do a different job than they did in the past. This is an aspect that not many understand. An example of this is one who is injured on the knee and underwent surgery. The person may not be able perform the job of a server at any level. The place of employment may offer an employee a position that involves doing nothing but answering phones. The person will most likely be ineligible to receive SSDI. qojnme4p9h.

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