How Can a Fire Alarm Maintenance Company Help Your Business Stay Safe? – Business Training Video

YouTube channel ORR Protection shows in their video how a fire alarm maintenance company can do for proper maintenance of a security system for fire.

Most fire and smoke alarms are powered by batteries. Once a certain interval of time, batteries need to be changed. They should be changed every 3 or 5 years. To check the current battery longevity it is recommended to use a “cell-checker” is a good option. In the event that you do not pay for the service contract, it is possible to write a replacement battery into it.

Fire alarm maintenance companies typically test a building’s fire alarm system. They check the alarm’s alarm twice per year. They also inspect the smoke detectors every two years. They’ll inform the business if they find any issues, damaged batteries, incorrect placement of alarms or any odd alarms within the alarm system.

Knowing the basics of a fire alarm system can be beneficial to more companies. 6s78doa4sv.

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